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How to Organize Camping Equipment For Novices?

Aug. 05, 2021

As a Roof Top Tent Supplier, share with you.

Furniture category: tables and chairs, camp lights, tableware hanging baskets, ice buckets

Tables and chairs: can be simple or complex. Some people can use a small folding table with a scout chair, and some people don't even bring a table at all, just a comfortable chair. Usually if you don’t open a restaurant, it’s recommended to bring an existing folding table or buy an egg roll table from home, but if you need to open a restaurant, you must consider the table’s heavy resistance. Choose a firmer table. As for the chair, you can bring a small bench at home at the beginning, and then observe the equipment of other campers, and then find out the type that suits your needs.

Car Roof Tent

Car Roof Tent

Advice for novices: A camping chair that allows people to sit and relax, and does not take up space at ordinary times, is worth having. Not only can it be used for camping, it is also very suitable for putting on the front yard balcony of the home.

Tableware hanging basket: The tableware hanging basket is easily overlooked by novices. Strictly speaking, if your table is big enough, some people will put the washed dinner plate upside down and put it on the table to air dry. However, if you have simplified the equipment sufficiently, with only a small table, pots and cutlery, it may not fit. At this time, the hanging basket is a very convenient and space-saving helper, and the key point is that it is light and convenient to store.

Ice bucket/refrigerator: There are many portable refrigerators that will be purchased by Luyou, but even if there is no portable refrigerator, there are many alternatives that can be worked around. The outer pot of the ice bucket or the smoldering pot plus the refrigerant ice brick Way, its cold preservation ability also has a certain level.

Lighting equipment: Most camps now have power supply. The most common plug-in camp lights are no problem in most camps. The price is not high and easy to start. Pay attention to choosing insect-proof bulbs to avoid the trouble of flying insects.

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