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How to Find and Collect Water?

Sep. 16, 2020

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Life is inseparable from water. Normal people can live for three weeks without food, but without water, they can’t live for three days, so water should be given priority:

1. The first choice for finding water sources in mountainous areas is the valley bottom area. In mountainous areas, you should look for water along the cracks in the rocks. Springs are often dug in dry riverbed sandy areas.

2. On the coast, pits should be dug above the highest waterline. It is likely that a layer of 5 cm thick sedimentation water floats on the denser seawater layer.

3. When drinking the water from the stagnant area in the recessed area, it must be disinfected, settled and then boiled for drinking.

4. Collect rainwater: Dig a hole in the ground, spread a layer of plastic, and surround it with clay to collect rainwater effectively.

5. Condensed water: Put a plastic bag on a section of thick leafy shoots, and the foliar transpiration will produce condensed water.

6. Follow the trail of animals, birds, insects, or humans to find water sources.

7. Water intake from plants: Water is often stored in the internodes of hollow plants such as bamboos, vines often have drinkable sap, and the fruits and stems of palms and cactus plants are rich in water.

8. Daylight distiller: In arid desert areas, the following methods can be used to better collect water: dig a pit about 90 cm wide and 45 cm deep on a relatively wet ground, and place a water trap at the center of the bottom of the pit. A plastic film drawn into an arc is hung on the surface. Light energy raises the temperature of the moist soil and air in the pit, and evaporates to produce water vapor. The water vapor contacts the plastic film and condenses into water droplets, which slide down into the container.

Awning Roof Tent

Awning Roof Tent

Picnic is one of the joys of outdoor life. In nature, everyone works together, cooks a good meal together, and enjoys it together, even if it is a light meal, it is like a golden meal.

1. The choice of tableware: It is better to find the same shape and size that can be close together, which can save space. Bowl-shaped tableware is much more useful than plate-shaped tableware. It is best to have a handle for a picnic pot.

2. Mushroom bamboo rice: Choose a thicker piece of bamboo, cut one side section, and then fill it with water, rice, shiitake mushrooms, vegetable leaves, bacon, the ratio of water to rice is 2 to 1, using aluminum foil and leaves completely Seal it and bake it under the fire for 30 minutes.

3. Boiled with soil: For meat, fish, and game, this method can often be used to cook unique flavors that cannot be tasted in restaurants. The specific method is to wrap the food with various seasonings with vegetable leaves, lotus leaves or aluminum foil, and then coat a layer of clay mud on the outside, and bake it in hot ash with a small fire, so that the baked food tastes very good Tasty.

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