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Do you know those things about Roof Top Car Top Tent Installation?

Feb. 26, 2020

What does Roof Top Car Top Tent do, and what cars can be installed? What brand of roof tent is good?

I have been engaged in the production of roof tents for more than ten years. Although I have been exposed to the installation of various models, although they are the most basic problems, for the roof tent, facing the users who have not been in contact, various problems have been faced Here, this one is on the roof. Can it sleep? Can it bear weight? Will it crush the roof? Is there any wind resistance when running? Will it be stolen outside?

Today, Soft Roof Top Tent Supplier shares the summary of those things about roof tent installation.

Roof Top Car Top Tent

Roof Top Car Top Tent

1. What car can fit?

In principle, the roof load is 4-5 times that of the car itself, which are all tonnage levels. Generally, the roof tent has a weight of about 50KG, plus the weight of a family of three according to 250kg. Under static load, the roof load is 300 About kilograms, you don't need to worry about sleeping on the roof, it will crush the roof.

The tent itself bears weight. Take a tent with a width of 1.4 as an example. The ladder is an aluminum alloy anti-pinch hand telescopic ladder, which can bear 300 kg. After the tent is opened, half of the weight is on the roof and half of the weight is supported by the ladder. Anyway, what else do you worry about?

The roof tent can be directly installed if it meets the following conditions (adhesive luggage rack cannot be installed)

1) Load-bearing original vertical rod

2) Roof crossbars, roof frames or gantry frames, roll cages are installed on the roof

Roof tents are peripheral products developed with the automobile manufacturing industry. With the increase in car ownership in China, self-driving tourism is gradually heating up, and roof tents are one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tours. We have summarized the top ten brands of roof tents as follows.

In general, if the weather is good, the temperature is above 10 degrees in the evening, and any tent can be used when there is no wind or clear wind. Automatic tents, ventilated tents are preferred, mainly for comfortable living. If there is rain or no wind, a waterproof tent is required. If there is wind and is relatively large, try to choose cross poles and tents with better ground attachment. Do not choose pop-up accounts and automatic pole tents. Not strong. If the temperature is low, try to choose a tent with a relatively small window, and the window can be pulled down to prevent cold air from flowing in, and it must be equipped with a floor mat. For self-driving tours, you can choose a slightly larger tent and car tent to live comfortably without having to fight yourself. There is no need to build an aluminum pole and a small tent that is uncomfortable.

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