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Bukit Alesano Bogor, Spot Camping Hits with Starlit Twists and Urban Lights!

Dec. 17, 2019

Car Roof Tent

As a citizen of Jakarta, the choice of traveling at close range is certainly very limited. There are not many tourist sites with soothing natural scenery. As far as the eye can see Jakarta, only the hustle and bustle of humans and traffic that seemed endless. Every week you have to run away from Jakarta to be physically and mentally healthy.

Well, the most attractive option for traveling around Jakarta is to Bogor. Bring your favorite tent and make a camp at Bukit Alesano Bogor. Beautiful natural scenery with flashing city lights will make your camping atmosphere unforgettable. The cool air gets, the twinkling of the sky and the city lights, the sunrise gets everything you can get at Bukit Alesano. Let's look at Hipwee Travel reviews!

Alesano Hill is located in Cipelang Village, Cijeruk District, Bogor Regency. Can be reached within 1 hour drive from the city of Bogor. If you drive with a Car Roof Tent, you can rest on the spot and enjoy the wonderful view on the road.

Car Roof Tent

The view from Alesano Hill is very beautiful. Sparkly city lights look beautiful from here. Not only that, you can see the stars of the sky if the weather is sunny.

Beautiful and instagramable natural scenery is the main advantage of Alesano Hill. You can see the view that can be seen from the top of the mountain just by climbing a hill that is not much.

Don't forget to bring a cool outfit for the photos here. It will be a liability if you don't use the current outfit.

Car Roof Tent

Alesano Hill is most suitable for camping. So you can camp with your friends while watching the city lights. Really cool!

Entrance ticket to Bukit Alesano is only 10 thousand Gaes rupiah. But if you want to camp, per person add another 15 thousand. Plus a parking fee of 10 thousand if you bring a vehicle.

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