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Best Roof Racks And Crossbars For Your Roof Top Tent

Jan. 11, 2019

The first thing to know is the type of rack or crossbars you need to be able to hold a Roof Top Tent. You have to be certain the rack or pubs you're likely to purchase have a Dynamic Weight Capacity of the burden of the tent. Most versions weigh in between 120 and 165 pounds, so to be safe you may need a rack that will hold over 165 pounds.

What is the DWC?

Simple, it is the weight that the rack can physically carry while the vehicle is in motion. Once the vehicle is parked, and the tent is in use, the weight limit of the Roof Tent Awning plus that of it’s occupants is effectively dispersed over the entire frame of the vehicle.

This is also known as Static Weight Capacity (SWC), and as said, no matter if you’re 3 people on top of the rack, your weight will be distributed around the frame, without breaking them (as some may think), as long as the vehicle IS NOT IN MOTION.

Another great thing to understand is that stock-mounting hardware will generally match rack pubs using a cross-section of 3.25" diameter x 2" height. Make certain to mount your racks 32"-48" apart on your car or truck.

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