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Are Air Caravan Awnings Worth It?

Jan. 24, 2024

What is an Air Caravan Awning?


An air caravan awning is a type of inflatable awning designed to be set up without the assistance of traditional poles. Instead of relying on poles to establish the structural framework for the fabric, air awnings feature specially designed tubes that traverse through the awning. When inflated to the recommended pressure level, these tubes fill with air, becoming rigid and forming the structural support for the awning.


This marks the primary distinction between a conventional awning employing poles and an inflatable awning utilizing air.


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Advantages of Air Caravan Awnings


Air caravan awnings offer distinct advantages over traditional awning types, as highlighted by the differences previously discussed. Expanding on these distinctions, let's explore the benefits that arise from these variations.


1. Easy Setup


Setting up an air caravan awning is notably simpler compared to a traditional counterpart. While traditional awnings require threading poles through the tent and meticulously arranging guy lines for proper upright positioning, an inflatable awning requires only inflation to become upright. This ease of setup is a primary reason why many prefer inflatable awnings. It significantly reduces both the time and stress associated with awning installation. For instance, a single person can easily set up an air caravan awning, a task that might be challenging with a traditional driveaway awning.


2. Convenience for Short Trips


The uncomplicated setup of an inflatable awning makes it ideal for short camping trips, such as weekends. The reduced hassle of assembly and disassembly removes concerns about spending precious time on setup, allowing for more spontaneous and stress-free getaways.


By choosing an air caravan awning, the potential stress associated with setting up and packing for brief camping excursions becomes a non-issue, encouraging more frequent and enjoyable short breaks.


3. Handles Bad Weather Better


Air caravan awnings fare better in windy conditions compared with their traditional counterparts. The reason for this is simple. Because the inflatable awning lacks rigid poles (frame), it is able to reduce effect of the wind’s force on it by flexing and swaying with the wind. This makes it handle the winds better.


The traditional awning with its poles is more rigid and will naturally withstand the force of the wind, increasing the likelihood of the frame getting bent or damaged as a result of the force of the wind.


4. All-in-One Design


One notable advantage of inflatable caravan awnings is their all-in-one design. Unlike traditional awnings that involve assembling various pieces and parts, inflatable awnings come in a single package, streamlining the setup process.


This comprehensive design eliminates the risk of forgetting or misplacing crucial components, enhancing the overall convenience of inflatable awnings.


5. It Is Safer


In comparison to traditional awnings, air caravan awnings offer a safer option during movement. This increased safety is attributed to the absence of poles that typically frame traditional awnings. These poles have been known to cause injuries to users and damage to the caravan or vehicle during transportation.


The elimination of these moving parts significantly reduces the risk of accidents during both transport and setup, contributing to a safer camping experience.


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Disadvantages of Air Caravan Awnings


Every positive innovation comes with its own set of drawbacks. Here are a few disadvantages to using air caravan awnings:


1. Higher Cost

Given the ease of use and advanced technology involved in manufacturing these awnings, it's not surprising that they come with a higher price tag compared to traditional awnings. This essentially represents a trade-off between the convenience they offer and the associated increase in cost.


It’s not just more expensive because it is inflatable, it is more expensive because it offers commensurate value.


2. Bulkier Design


The all-in-one design of air caravan awnings contributes to their bulkier nature during transportation. It's important to note that this doesn't necessarily mean the entire package is heavier than that of a traditional awning.


In contrast to a traditional awning, where different parts can be separated for transport – with poles in one package and fabric in another – the air caravan awning consolidates everything into a single package. While this consolidation enhances convenience, it does come with the trade-off of added bulk, potentially making it less practical for some users.


3. Limited Availability in Very Large Sizes


Presently, air awnings may not be readily available in very large sizes. This limitation arises from their single-package design, contributing to increased bulkiness. Large sizes might pose challenges in terms of convenience during transportation, as they could become overly cumbersome for users.




These are the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of utilizing inflatable driveaway awnings. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision on which option aligns best with your needs.


If you're contemplating where to purchase an air awning for a caravan, explore our range of inflatable caravan awnings for suitable options.

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