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Answers to Questions about Car Roof Top Tents

May. 31, 2022

Enjoying picnics, barbecues, enjoying the beautiful scenery, lying in the car roof tent at night watching the stars in the sky, and waking up first thing in the morning to enjoy the sea breeze and sunset is one of the greatest pleasures of camping.


I often hear people ask, "Is it easy to install a roof top tent? Is my car suitable for a roof tent? Will it fall down when I sleep and so on. We've put together an exclusive list of questions and answers about roof-top tents that can be answered at once! Come and have a look.

Answers to Questions about Car Roof Top Tents


What models can be fitted with roof tents?

Roof tents are routinely installed in SUVs or off-road vehicles, but can also be used for cars, vans, pickup trucks, luggage trailers and other vehicles, of course, the necessary prerequisite is that the roof can be installed to fix the luggage rack and dynamic load to be greater than 60KG.

If it is a car, as long as the roof rack strength is strong enough is also possible to add the roof tent. Therefore, before installing a roof tent on a car, a high-strength crossbar luggage rack must be installed.


Is there any wind resistance in driving?

The height of the roof tent after folding down is generally not more than 40 cm, the height does not reach the degree of wind resistance, so do not worry about the car will have wind resistance in driving on the road.


Is the roof tent easy to install?

Some cars because of the luggage rack for the first time to install some trouble, the second installation and removal will be easy to save effort, normal installation 10 minutes, disassembly 5 minutes. Just watch the installation video and read the manual carefully before installation.


How to choose the roof rack?

The common roof rack is generally divided into two types: longitudinal separation and horizontal separation. If you want to install a roof tent, you have to install it on a load-bearing luggage rack, and it is best to use it for a special purpose, generally this kind of luggage rack has a single strength of more than 100 kg, which can carry more weight.  

Among them, the horizontal separated luggage rack can be installed directly on the roof tent, while the vertical separated luggage rack must be equipped with rails first, and then the tent can be installed on it.


Would it be stolen if I left it outside?

Considering that people's quality is generally higher, and that many roof tents and ladders have hooks in front of them, it is easy to make noise if you don't know how to take them down. In addition, the roof tent comes with a weight of about 60kg, inconvenient to carry, and does not belong to the expensive supplies, so basically no theft value.


Will the roof fall in?

Each country has strict requirements for the static load bearing capacity of the roof. China's national standard requires the maximum load-bearing capacity of the roof to reach 1.5 times the overall mass, which is equivalent to standing on the roof of the car full of 27 adults weighing 150 pounds. The U.S. standards require the need to reach 3 times. Therefore, the market we can see the car, placing a roof tent, which is completely free of worry.


Is it safe to sleep on the roof?

The side of the tent is a bracket to prevent sleeping on the ground, but this aspect of the brand has been thought of, so this aspect of safety is basically not to worry about.


Is it noisy during driving?

Installing the roof tent for the first time on the road, will be more critical attention than usual to listen to the noise from all sides of the car. The noise that you don't usually care about will be heard, and you will feel that the noise is louder than before (usually a psychological effect), but you won't feel it when driving in the city, and the noise difference before and after installation will not be too big.


Will it violate the road traffic safety law?

Article 54 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China says: The height of the luggage rack of a passenger car carrying cargo cannot exceed 0.5 meters from the roof of the car, and the height from the ground cannot exceed 4 meters. The height of the roof tent after disassembly should not exceed 0.3 meters at most, so there is no need to worry about violating the Road Traffic Safety Law.


Is it easy to store after disassembly?

Since the size of the roof tent is equivalent to a mattress and is limited by the height and width of the elevator, those who live in urban buildings need to consider whether they have enough storage space at home to store the tent.


How about the roof tent comfort?

The roof tent comes with a 5 cm thick foam mattress, lying directly on it is very comfortable, of course, you can also lay another layer of sheets and thin quilt. (The so-called comfort is compared to ordinary camping tents and moisture-proof mats, that is the absolute level of enjoyment, please forget your home super luxury bed Oh!)


Can tolerate the lowest temperature?

The fabric of the roof tent is thicker, and the windproofness is very good, so the temperature that can be tolerated will be quite low. It should be noted that when the tent is completely closed at low temperatures, there will be a lot of condensation on the inside of the tent in the morning, so you can open the window to dry it out before putting it away.


Will it increase fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption and wind noise are proportional, within 80km I don't feel any difference in fuel consumption, it is negligible. High-speed 120 fuel consumption and no tent can be about 1 liter more than the overall increase in fuel consumption is not significant, within an acceptable range.


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