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Do You Know The Additional Shopping Roof Top Tent Considerations?

Jan. 29, 2019

Though installation is a breeze as soon as you drive your car or truck to camp, the first procedure for bolting the Roof Top Tent into the roof rack will take a while. Read and follow each of the supplied installation directions carefully. And you are going to want a minimum of one powerful partner to be nearby as you'll want help to lift up the tent onto your roof rack.

The one big factor is determining which Awning Room Net models will work with the load capacity of your vehicle rack. After that, you have a handful of things to consider:

Annexes and awnings: Some models include extended living spaces or covered areas; some tents give you the option of adding one later.

Durability levels: Though all Awning Roof Tent is extra sturdy, some brands offer super rugged models designed for extended trips in extreme climates. Some brands also offer all-mesh canopies as an option.

Hardtops: Fabric models are much more affordable; hardtops keep things more fully protected as you drive.

Shipping costs: Buying in-store is the simple solution, though some models might only be available online. Because it’s a heavy item that’s costly to ship to your home.

Try before you buy: Finding a place that rents roof-top tents will take some research, but it can pay dividends—because your most important consideration is to decide if this elevated version of van life is for you.

Roof Top Tent

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