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The Types Of Vehicle Awning

Oct. 23, 2018

We get a number of questions on which size and kind of Vehicle Awning are the ideal match for a specific vehicle and lifestyle, and as with most things there is no 1 size fits all response. There are a range of factors to consider and we'll outline some of them and talk about the options.

First, let the manufacturer of Vehicle Awning China tell you the two Chief styles of awnings about the consumer market:

Straight Awnings.

Straight awnings are somewhat more common, and typically what most men and women think about when they think about a car awning.

The right Vehicle Awning For Camping is frequently the very best bang for your dollar with a very low entry price, and give a tremendous value for the money. Many distinct manufacturers have numerous accessories such as walls, rooms, and mosquito netting to match numerous distinct applications and scenarios. Due to their simplicity that this type of awning could be mounted at a few different ways and onto a massive number of vehicles.

Wing Style Awnings.

Wing style awnings are typically a step upward in the awning planet and operate utilizing a pivot line to encircle a place on one side of the vehicle in addition to the back. These awnings are also sometimes known as 270 Degree Vehicle Awning Wall . Much like the right fashion awnings, there are lots of accessories to the wing design awnings such as extensions and walls to obstruct wind/rain/sun or supply more coated area for bigger groups of individuals. This kind of High quality Vehicle Awning is very well suited for those that want more coverage, particularly over the back of their car for cooking, games, field fixes, etc.

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