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The Features Of Inflatable Tent

Dec. 04, 2018

Do you know the Features Of Inflatable Tent? Now the Inflatable Tent Manufacturer China will sum up several features for you.

The tent frame is a gas column structure. Compared with the general metal bracket tent, it has the characteristics of light body, small volume after folding, convenient and easy to carry.

The Inflatable Tent is made of double-layer PVC synthetic fiber tarpaulin, which has high strength, rainproof, fireproof, windproof and long service life (fireproof grade B1). And the unit combined structure can be freely spliced according to the needs of the site. There are no pillars inside the tent and the venue can be used 100%.

Main functions of Inflatable Tent Trailer: anti-moisture, anti-mosquito insulation, anti-infrared, flame retardant, etc. The tent, however, is designed in the shape of a column and adopts an internationally popular form. The product has the characteristics of high stability, strong shearing and splitting wind, and no rain. According to the specific requirements of customers, we can set up fast charge and exhaust valves, safety valves and instrument interfaces. Generally configured for repair materials, foot pumps, electric pumps, pneumatic short tubes or inflatable tees. Among them, the special function series tents can not only be used for accommodation, but also can make the action more smoothly when carrying out some special outdoor activities, and provide favorable guarantee for the success of the action. The ordinary tents are all inflated and formed. The tarpaulin is made of polymer paint. Its products are light in body, simple in assembly, fast in propping speed, stable in rigidity and long in duration, good in waterproof and heat insulation, comfortable in use, convenient in maintenance and use. Long life, etc.

Inflatable Tent

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