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Talking for outdoor camping tent

Jan. 16, 2018

Tent divided according to the needs of many types of use, such as camping tents, mountain tents, beach tents,  fishing tents, hunting blind tents, relief tents, jungle tents, military tents, and so on. The following main talk about some camping, mountaineering tent material and design.

Camping, hiking rainfly commonly used thin polyester, nylon fabric. So it will carry lightweight, and can increase the density of the warp and weft of the fabric. Foreign luxury tents using 210T to 300T (Density). High density of its water will be relatively increased. However, its high density also requires fine silk. Such strength will decline.
There are a variety of coatings rainfly. Camping, hiking tents generally use PU, PE and silvering, PU is ideal. Rainfly waterproof indicators are generally 800 ~ 2500mmH2O. Too high will affect the permeability of the tent. Foreign luxury tents are rarely more than in 2500. And just waterproof tent index dynamic waterproof indicators are not hydrostatic indicators, 2500mmH2O just rain down pressure moment. If 2500 is certainly to be leaking water column. I spent the majority of rainfly tent under the rain in a long time will be wet. Then double tent designed to reflect its advantage of. Inside of the outer tent will gather water droplets fall to the ground (if rainfly poor water when rain, rainfly inside drops dripping directly onto the inner tent). According to these features camping, hiking tents recommended not to select a single layer. Single tent drops will fall inside the tent.
Camping, hiking Inner tent commonly used thin polyester, nylon, polyester breathable fabric. Advantage of cotton is good moisture absorption. The disadvantage is easy to mold. Polyester, nylon advantage of easy care. Some Inner tent is a large area of the mesh. The advantage is good ventilation. The disadvantage is that the light is too thoroughly. Inner tent in summer only. Outside you can clearly see the inside too. Sleep easily emptied.
Camping, hiking tents to feed with PE, ordinary nylon, oxford cloth. Low end with PE, PE do not wear, easy to aging brittle. Ripstop nylon bottom with a tent in the mountains. Light advantages and disadvantages poor wear resistance, easily punctured. Oxford at the end of the most mature. Oxford cloth with a nominal thickness index D wire. 210D 150D than crude, wear relatively better, but also enhanced some weight. Index at the end of waterproof material better. General 2000 ~ 50000mmH2O.
Many of my friends think camping, mountaineering tent regardless of Inner tent, rainfly to be tight. In fact, it should be nailed by playing rainfly rubber rope tight. Inner tent pole unpaid debts to be a little more loose. This design in windy have some room for maneuver. We can take a look MSR tent wind tunnel tests.
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