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8 Reasons Why Roof Top Tents Are So Popular

Apr. 12, 2024

If you're curious about why roof tents are rapidly becoming one of the most favored camping options, let's delve into it!


1. Quick Setup and Pack-Up:


Unlike traditional ground tents, which can be time-consuming to set up with inner and outer components, roof tents offer swift assembly. Typically, they take only about 30 seconds to open and a bit longer to close. This efficiency not only saves time but also alleviates the hassle, especially on dark and rainy nights.


2. Cost-Effective Alternative to Caravans, Campervans, and Motorhomes


Roof tents typically offer a more budget-friendly option compared to caravans, campervans, and especially motorhomes. Not only are they cheaper to purchase initially, but they also incur fewer ongoing expenses. With alternatives like caravans and campervans, you may need to pay for storage facilities, and additional insurance is necessary. Even when not in use, these vehicles incur costs. Moreover, there are often additional expenses for breakdowns, repairs, and renovations, particularly with older campervans. These costs can accumulate quickly, especially as older models may require extensive renovations before they are roadworthy.


3. Expanded Camping Options


Roof tents offer the flexibility to camp in a wider range of locations. Unlike traditional ground tents, which require a large, flat, dry, and soft surface for setup, roof tents can be installed on various surfaces. This versatility allows you to access more free or wild camping spots that may not meet the specific conditions required for ground tents. Caravans and large motorhomes often struggle with space limitations in such areas, restricting you to campsites.


hard shell roof tent

4. Flood Proof


Because roof tents are up high on top of your vehicle, there’s no chance of getting flooded in the night after a heavy downpour like with a normal tent. So if you’re planning on going anywhere with unpredictable weather, these might just save you a very wet trip to the dry cleaners!


5. Better Views


Roof tents offer superior views due to their elevated position atop your vehicle compared to being at ground level in a tent or campervan. Additionally, roof tents equipped with two doors and two windows provide 360-degree views, further enhancing the beauty of the surrounding scenery.


6. Extra Vehicle Storage Space


Roof tents offer extra vehicle storage space for your belongings compared to ground tents because you can store items in the roof tent even when it's closed. This feature is particularly convenient when you need to quickly pack up and leave, as it makes the process faster and easier, especially for leaving bedding behind.


7. Stronger and More Durable Than Ground Tents


High-quality roof tents typically feature more durable canvas material than ground tents, and hard shell roof tent designs offer a sturdy structure. This design ensures that the roof tent is both leakproof and quieter during windy and rainy conditions, ultimately providing a better night's sleep.


8. Warmer Than Ground Tents


The thicker canvas material and hard ABS/fiberglass shell found in quality roof tents offer better insulation compared to regular tents. This means that heat is retained more effectively, keeping the interior nice and toasty even during chilly winter nights. This feature is particularly advantageous for winter camping trips when temperatures drop significantly.


 hard shell roof tent

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