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sleeping bags, roof tent, fishing tent, Hunting Blind tent, China

Jan. 16, 2018

 For outdoor enthusiasts, sleeping bag is a very important equipment. It is your competent partner in the dark and cold night. A wide variety of styles on the market, dazzling, how to choose a suitable for your sleeping bag, it is a lot of people headaches. 

Here are some basic knowledge about our sleeping bags for your chosen arrangements. 
 in accordance with the material classification 
Down sleeping bag 
Down the material can be divided into white goose down, white duck, gray duck, waterfowl velvet. Degree of warmth per unit weight is the most effect. Down sleeping bag is warm, easy to squeeze, easy to maintain the status quo, the use of longer term adverse factor is the cost of higher prices, it will absorb water. 
Synthetic sleeping bags 
Synthetic moisture resistance and wet sleeping bag is still better to maintain the degree of warmth, quick-drying, low price. But slightly heavier at the same level of down sleeping bags, squeeze bad compared with the accounting backpack filled space, life is short, are two different synthetic fibers. 
Fleece Sleeping Bag 
Use fleece (fleece) sewn, individually or as a summer sleeping bag sleeping bag health. Can also be used with other sleeping bag in winter, in order to enhance the thermal effect. According to the experience of time, a -3 degree sleeping bag, fleece sleeping bag warm effect after adding up to about -10 degrees. 
We offer a wide range of sleeping bags, the quality are guaranteed. If you travel by car, you can consider installing a roof top tent. Sea travel, consider fishing tent. You are hunting enthusiast, consider Hunting Blind tent, a tent if you want to know more, please visit www.sundaycampers.com, find your most wanted and most suitable tent
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