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camping tent, roof top tent, hunting blind tent in china

Jan. 16, 2018
Camping tent is an epidemic of outdoor activities tent, camping has become a casual fashion events, more and more young people loved and sought after. Summer at the beach or the mountains and take a tent, blow in the wind, and friends chatting together, barbecue together, drink and a laugh, but also a kind of happiness and romance.  
 How to build a camping tent
1) within the Punta tiled camping tents on the ground, flattening the fields and along the bottom edge of the nail nails. 
2) From the camping tent pole support from the two savings, put the spacer tube, and then set into the crossbar. 
3) cast a camping tent coat and jacket lay pull nails, so all foreign Peng pointed. 
4) The rain cap sleeve into the strut end, put wind cable, complete. 
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