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How to Choose the Sleeping Bag

Jan. 16, 2018

Excepting tent, a good sleeping bag as to the people who is like traveling in the wild is necessary.

First, sleeping bag must be light, comfortable and warm which fit on the condition where you go camping. There are many element effect the warm such as type, quantity, thickness, size, style and structure and so on. So, you need to look at the structure which is reasonable or not.

Second there should be a rope design on the head of the cap to prevent the heat loss from the head. Some sleeping bags have additional isolation in order to keep shoulder warm, while the others add the additional isolation in the chest or the feet which is important to strengthen warm. From the top to the end, there are layers to prevent cold wind from the zip blank along the part zips.

Third the most important is material. There are cotton, feather synthetic fibers, synthetic feathers and other types. But the fleece inside bag is thin and poor in warm,useding in the spring and summer. The cotton sleeping bag will have a greater improvement in warm.

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