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Roof Tent, roof top tents, roof tents for cars

Jan. 16, 2018

 Beijing sunday campers tent has been committed to do all kinds of tents. Especially for how to build and use in harsh environment field tents great attention to detail , so in this respect have very good ideas and experience to edit the next day for you ALICE reference :

 1 , the slope
Mountaineer walking route often encounter situations rise here . Under normal circumstances, find a piece of sloping ground on the slopes is still possible . The key is to sleep at night when sleeping bag and pad moisture less friction, people will slide down the steep when there is no way to sleep .
Using the method :
a, Build a tent when two people choose to have two trees beneath the tent too close to trees suffer camp . If you do not move two large stones on the bottom . The backpack into the middle of the tree or stone . Such head- on while sleeping at night , falling asleep at the bottom of the foot with a backpack , in fact, this method is a semi- standing human sleep . I once camped on a hill about 30 degrees . Four hours after the foot is very uncomfortable, and left foot alternately sleep a night .
b,If a person is a better solution , choose camping tents when the side against a tree or rock, tree or stone placed in the middle of a backpack , so that the overall weight of the human side pressure on the edge of the backpack. Ceshui alternately left and right to ensure a good night 's sleep effect.
2 , the lever is not in the tent .
This possibility is the tent pole tent and open-minded , and sometimes did not bring , and sometimes with a tent pole tent with the players and the players dispersed. There is a maximum of tent pole fracture damage. In that case we have to be clear . Tent pole pieces of cloth actually play a supportive role to the pole . If you are not in the mountains, windy weather in the camp , strength requirements are not great . Therefore, it is easier to find alternative supplies in the wild , the best bamboo , toughness has strength. If not, use a long, thin sliced ​​almost wooden sticks . Principle is to find new branches do not look old branches , looking wet sticks do not look Mikie , such branches have a greater toughness.
3, the camp area is too small ( certainly smaller than the tent bottom area ) or the bottom of the rocks too much can not be cleaned . This situation is more complicated , to utilize the prevailing geography .
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