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The cool roof tent

Jan. 16, 2018

Roof tent is very popular equipment that outdoor adventure and foreign travel by car, a very popular saying:cool.
The doors and of roof top tent are two layers, the outer Prevent rain, breathable inner Prevent mosquito screens, even during the day in the above can feel the wind, the night is breezy, with soft. Roof tent has comfortable cushions,it is simply differences of star hotels and guest houses.

roof tent

Basic requirements of roof top tent:
1, to protect the security, which is the most basic and necessary;
2, roof tent really comfortable, suitable for a variety of weather conditions, at least not afraid of rain, afraid of flooding, said that foreign fans are also used in the snow weather;
3, ventilation, either camping tents or sleeping in the car, is unmatched;
4, the maximum level of close to nature, as long as the car able to open, where is camping for the pursuit of novelty and romantic player.

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