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How to use a pop up tent?

Jan. 16, 2018

A pop up tent is also known as a self-erecting tent and can be a convenient  choice for camping and backpacking. So how to use a pop up tent? There are 4  steps:

1.Remove the tent from the bag. The tent should be folded into a round shape  and held together with a strap.

2.Remove the strap from the tent while holding it away from your body.

3.Gently throw the tent away from your body while giving it a slight spin to  unfold the tent. The tent will pop open as it unfolds.

4.Move the tent to the desired location. Hammer stakes into the stake loops  or rings located around the bottom of the tent to hold it in place.

As a professional pop up tent maker, we can provide pop up tents with  different color and size according to your requirements.

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