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How to thrive in a roof top tent

Jan. 16, 2018

Here are a few tips for the operation and maintenance of a roof top tent,  which will also clearly demonstrate the pros and cons of sleeping on top of your  car:

Be tall. Short people can really struggle with a roof top tent, especially if  it is perched on top of a tall vehicle.

If you have a travel companion work as a team to open and close the tent.

When opening the tent roll up the cover and wedge it under the base of the  tent. you can install special straps to hold it in place. By rolling the cover  up and keeping it out of the way you will protect it from the elements and  reduce your frustration while trying to access whichever door or window the  cover may block.

With a roof top tent, any vehicle instantly becomes a home. There are no  major modifications that need to be done to the vehicle other than adding load  bars or a roof rack. An RTT also does not hinder the vehicle’s off road  capability significantly.

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