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High Quality Roof Top Tent Manufacturer, Factory

Jan. 16, 2018

As one who travels to all over the world every year, I can say they have the best camping equipment out there.

What’s the best camping equipment? Let me introduce the roof top tent today.

Roof Top Tents have been around since about the 1950's, however the origin can be traced back to as early as the 30's.It opens a world of camping in places that would downright suck in a traditional tent.

Most roof top tents brought into North America are all manufactured in China.If you’re planing to looking for a roof top tent that’s quick and easy to set up, look no more. As a leader of Chinese tents gold supplier, Sunday campers are full of confidence to serve the perfect tent for any size vehicle or trailer.Rooftop tents require a strong roof rack to carry them. The smallest tent weigh well over 40kg, so be certain of the capacity of the rack you plan to use.

The roof top tent is ideal.Benefits as the ideal lookout position for photography;Better protection from little critters looking to share your tent;Great for 4WD and for those that like to go on expeditions;Cleaner and dryer than ground tent;secure than a standard tent and safeguards from wildlife and wet soggy or snowy conditions.,etc

Traveling long distances? The roof top tent can be popped up in any location for a quick overnight stop.

Life is good, Just get out.

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