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Jan. 16, 2018

When you first get a roof top tent it’s always a good practice to lightly spray the tent fabric with a gentle shower of water from a garden hose. This will allow the cotton portion of the thread in the weave and stitching to absorb the moisture and swell up. This does two things, it tightens the weave of the fabric, and it also swells the stitching to fill the hole created by the needle.

When the fabric is sewn together the thread that is used is also poly-cotton, and because it has the ability to absorb liquid, when it does it increases in diameter and fills the hole created by the sewing needle. It’s important that the sewing machine has been fitted with a needle that is the same diameter as the thread to create a watertight seam. On occasion the stitching will weep moisture through the seam. The simplest solution for this is to rub some bees wax along the seam to seal it.

If your roof top tent is fitted with a coated poly-cotton flysheet, follow the same wetting procedure. Even though the flysheet is coated, the poly-cotton and can absorb water into the weave and the stitching.

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