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China Camper Trailer Tent, Pop Up Tent Manufacturer, Factory

Jan. 16, 2018

Nothing can be more frustrating than being out on the road for a camping adventure and being interrupted with water or other weather damage to your camper trailer tent. Dripping ceilings and cracked windows are not comfortable for anyone. Learn to temporarily repair damage while away from home as well as to make permanent repairs when time permits. Proper maintenance will ensure that you will enjoy your pop-up tent for many years to come.

Repair small damaged areas, such as a broken window or rip in the roof, with aluminum sealing tape. Clean the damaged surface and allow it to dry. Cut a piece of sealing tape slightly larger than the area.Smooth it on for a tight seal.

Repair larger damage on your tent trailer temporarily by wrapping a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil. Tape the seams with aluminum sealing tape and apply roof seal to the edges. Lay the piece over the damaged area. Tape the piece again with sealing tape to secure in place.

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