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High Quality Grow Tents Factory, Manufacturer China

Jan. 16, 2018

As mentioned above, apart from total control, grow tents offer more  advantages than just growing plants in a spare closet.

  • A major upside to using grow tents is pest control. While some of those  pesky critters may find their way inside your science experiment, it won’t be  anything compared to growing outdoors or in an open environment.

  • We here at www.sundaycampers.com are all for energy efficiency and lowering  your electricity costs. That being said, grow tents are very efficient. Many  grow tents feature a reflective inside coating that reflects light. The great  thing about this coating is that light is reflected off the walls instead of  being dispersed, so your plants are exposed to a greater concentration of light  than they would be, say, in your closet next to a pair of sweaty shoes.

  • There are some flowers that feel the need to release strong odors and  allergens, offending the senses of those throughout the house who may be  sensitive to such things. The best way around that is with a grow tent. Grow  tents are completely sealed, which translates into odor control for you.

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