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Jan. 16, 2018

 “How do I secure the tent to my vehicle’s roof when the crossbar’s load capacities is only a bit more than what I weigh?”

The straightforward answer is that there are two types of weight loading capacities for roof racks.

The load rating that Sunday publishes on our products is the dynamic load rating. This is required for Australian standards and because our customers are generally traveling or exploring and need to know what weight their Rhino-Racks can handle on the move. The load rating of a roof system is less when your vehicle is dynamic compared to when you’re still, or static.

Now when it comes to roof top tents the load rating you need to be aware of is both.

1. First off don’t buy a heavy roof top tent that the dynamic weight of your roof or roof system can’t handle.

2. Know that when your vehicle is parked and you’re ready to climb into your roof top bed you are static and as such Sunday’s capability to handle weight becomes a lot more.

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