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High Quality Trailer Tent, Foldable Camper Tent Quote, Supplier China

Jan. 16, 2018

Trailer tent has much more advantages over caravan. Some would say it has the  bad points of a caravan combined with the bad points of a tent! How do the fans  of folding campers respond to this?

One of the principle differences in towing a foldable camper tent is the  saving on fuel. This is not an insignificant amount. Towing a caravan can use up  to twice as much fuel as towing a trailer tent. This can mount up to hundreds of  pounds on a two-week touring holiday. For those who do not enjoy towing  something as restrictive and heavy as a caravan, towing a lighter trailer tent  is an added bonus and allows you more visibility too.

The initial outlay for the foldable camper tent is also less. While there are  some high-end versions that cost as much as a caravan, generally the outlay is  less for the same amount of accommodation. The insurance for these folding  caravans is less than a caravan too.

Another advantage of folding campers is that they extend beyond their  footprint, making them more roomy than a small caravan. The sleeping area can be  separate from the main living area, freeing up space, affording privacy and  reducing upheaval in the living area. Bigger families can get away with a  smaller sized trailer tent from a towing point of view than if they had to pull  a caravan that would fit them all. Once they get to site though, they can expand  their living space by use of awnings and other zip on features, as well as the  beds which expand outwards. For many folding caravan owners, it is the space  available and the consequent privacy, particularly when travelling with family  that is the big plus.

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