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Ice Fishing Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China

Jan. 16, 2018

 If you are a big fan of ice fishing and it's a must do activity for you to do every winter, a portable ice fishing shelter should be an important part of your fishing gear. It helps you keep warm and enjoy this great outdoor activity without having to succumb to the biting cold. There are several types of portable shelters available in the market. We will discuss about some of them here, so that you can make an informed choice.

The different types of shelters available:

There are mainly four styles of portable shelters that are popular among ice fishing experts. The first and most basic are the Windbreakers, the second are the easy to set up collapsible shelters, third the extremely popular flip over shelters and the fourth the cabin or hut type shelters. The first of the lot are the windbreakers that are lightweight and thus very easy to carry around anywhere.

Windbreakers and collapsible shelters

Windbreakers are the most basic ice fishing tents available and they weigh no more than 12-13 pounds. These are shelters that are usually designed for a single person and come with a seat and two or three walls for your protection against the harsh winter wind. They are also cheap and you are likely to find one online for less than $ 150.

Flip over and cabin type shelters

The third and extremely popular amongst portable ice fishing tents are the flip over shelters. These are shelters that come in models that can seat from one to four people. The flip over shelters are built over a hard plastic sled base.

The fourth option that you have are the cabin style shelters. These are much like the flip over shelters with the hard plastic sled base and the adjustable poles.

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