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Pop Up Tent, Ice Fishing Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China

Jan. 16, 2018

Northern anglers can enjoy a special brand of sport fishing that those in  warmer climates can't experience close to home. The lure of a frozen lake's  wintry solitude draws untold people away from their hearths and onto the solid  surfaces of countless bodies of water across the land to participate in the  popular pastime of ice fishing.

Now, the old regulars know that being comfortable while hunkering over a hole  in the ice is tantamount to being successful, simply because an alert angler is  less likely to miss a strike. It follows, then, that a completely enclosed,  weathertight structure equipped with a convenient and safe form of heat would  make for more successful outings than would the open-faced windbreaks that many  fisher-folk pit against winter's cruelty.

With that in mind, our research staffers set their sights on designing and  building the best ice-fishing shelter imaginable without going overboard on  materials costs... and until it was completed they didn't realize that they'd  incidentally created an excellent pop-up tent, hunting shack, playhouse, and  emergency shelter!

If you need ice fishing tent, you can contact us!

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