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Camper Trailer Tent, Car Roof Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China

Jan. 16, 2018

 We do not use cheap and light rip stop canvas, but heavier 440gsm(15oz) plain  canvas which is 65% poly 35% cotton ratio as Chinese canvas. Our camper trailer  tent is so popular among customers, owing to the 17 advantages of it.

  1. Our 440gsm (15oz) plain dark coloured canvas has almost a total block out.  The exceptions are lighter colours which do not offer full block out.

  2. Our tents are all manufactured under Australian quality control  management.

  3. Our steel bed frame is very heavy duty. It is fully constructed with 50mm x  25mm x 3mm steel.

  4. All poles are galvanized and the main frames are 25mm diameter. Some other  manufacturers only use 21mm poles.

  5. Our roof seams are all sewn with core spun thread imported from Germany. Most  others use a light weight Chinese thread.

  6. All tents have a good quality mattress and cover as standard.

  7. All bed ladders are made from light weight aluminium, not heavy steel ladders  that can fall and cause injury.

  8. All tents have heavy duty D rings at the peg down points.

  9. 600gsm PVC is used in the main tent section and for the travel cover. Most  others use 450gsm to 500gsm.

  10. The bottom section of the travel cover is already fitted into sail track.

  11. All tents have an extra rear door in the main tent section.

  12. All tents have air flow/access flaps as standard.

  13. The KWIK tent is one of the fastest tents to erect available.

  14. All tents have heavy duty SBS zips.

  15. All tents have internal window flaps as standard, except the zip out main  tent end window.

  16. We do not use ant black paint on our bed boards as they may contain lead. The  underside of our bed boards are sealed with a clear varnish.

  17. We provide 12 months warranty on our tents, except for zips and insect  screens, or damage caused through misuse, improper storage, incorrect cleaning,  or failure to weather (season) the tent.

If you want to learn more car roof tent, you can visit www.sundaycampers.com  or via info@sundaycampers.com.

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