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Pop Up Tent Manufacturer, Export Manufacturer China

Jan. 16, 2018

 I am working for pop up tent manufacturer many years, I will share you 5 tips  for buy it as followings:

1. Buy a family camping pop up tent with extra storage space. This is essential  if you have lots of gear.

2. Think about how many adults and children will sleep in it and where you  want them to sleep.

3. Always go for the larger models to allow you and your family extra space.  They are so easy to pitch it’s worth going for the biggest you can find.

4. The cheapest model isn’t necessarily the best for family camping pop-up  tents. Single-skin are the cheapest and most basic whilst the premium range have  more than one layer, giving more insulation against the elements and durability  over time.

5. There are various shapes to choose from. If you camp in areas which have  high wind speeds then consider going for streamlined versions with extra guy  ropes and anchoring systems. You can even add your own bracing system if you  want extra peace of mind in bad weather.

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