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Outdoor camping maintenance

Jan. 16, 2018

 First, acid and alkali, salt and other chemicals don't contact with outdoor camping tents. In order to avoid the outdoor camping tent corrosion degumming deformation.

  Second, outdoor camping tent put natural ventilation the shade to dry after cleaning. Don't put the hot sun sunlight or where you put the high temperature baking. In case the tent back glue or come unglued, accelerated aging.
  Third, for the color of outdoor camping tent canvas, don't contact with the carbon ink such as difficult to cleaning items. The color of the outdoor camping tent canvas after clean. In coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Note to evenly, then dry them. To prevent discoloration. Or find two clean white paper above the outdoor camping tent, air-dried tear; Also can prevent discoloration
  Fourth, the uniform strength should be gentle when cleaning outdoor camping tent. Don't hard brush, so as not to break, or the patterns of the outdoor camping tent
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