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Roof Top Tent Manufacturer, Supplier China | SundayCampers

Feb. 06, 2018

This body of content will cover the pros and cons of roof top tent use and or  ownership. These are very important need to know facts before the use or  purchase of a roof top tent.

The "Good"

All Terrain camping: Roof Top Tents can be used in any natural environmental  conditions rain, snow, wind, sun, rocks, sand, wet, mud, dust, bugs, vegetation,  animals, pest vs. Terrestrial Tents/Pole Tents/Ground Tents which could end up  being more of a trap over a place to sleep. Many Terrestrial Tents or Regular  Tents become sweltering bug traps for flies and bees. A Roof Top Tent by Bigfoot  has bug nets and shade awnings. Being perched up off the ground offers comfort  and casts away the limitations and effects of ground camping.

Level ground is not necessary when you can place a rock under your car ,  s.u.v or trucks tire to level the vehicle on uneven terrain.

The Roof Top Tent Saves space by utilizing the roof your vehicle which may  have went unused.

Easy Deployment: Opening a RTT is almost as easy as opening an umbrella. They  close just as quick and easy.

Freedom of use: Once it's installed on your car, suv or truck your vehicle  tent can be easily employed at a whim. No phone calls or reservations needed.  Decide and GO!

Cleaner Tent Hygiene & Lifestyle: Roof Top Tents stay much cleaner and  more bug free than any other style of tent. Work hard sleep in a cleaner type of  Tent.

Sheer comfort: Roof Top Tents include a poplin mattress to provide extra  comfort. Combined with your favorite sleeping bag or comforter you will sleep in  way that a terrestrial tent could simply not offer. Have you ever thought of  having a personal tree house that you could drive anywhere you want.

The "Ugly"

If you are a hiker it's hard to put your vehicle in your backpack. In this  case we suggest you leave your car, truck or suv rig and roof top tent in the  parking lot and keep a smaller Hiking tent to "rough it".

In all our experiences and trials and error we gained knowledge that is  valuable to consumers, we are here to share our experience with you. Contact us:  e-mail info@sundaycampers.com

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