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What are the fabrics used on your tents?
Ripstop fabrics are woven farics often made out of nylon, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. The intervals are typically 5 to 8 millimeters (0.2 to 0.3 in). Thin and lightweight ripstop fabrics have a 3-dimensional structure due to the thicker threads being interwoven in thinner cloth. but more modern weaving techniques make the ripstop threads less obvious.
Ripstop fabric, sometimes called a sports fabric, is a woven, lightweight, nylon-threaded material that resists tearing and ripping. Ripstop fabric can be water resistant and is commonly used for camping equipment such as tents and the outer shells of sleeping bags. It is also used to make hang glider and parasail wings, parachutes, hot air ballons, sails, kites, flags, banners and sports clothes. The tough beating ripstop fabric can take makes it ideal for any application that requires material that won't fail under stress.
How do I take care of my Roof Top Tent?
When you first get your Sunday Campers Roof Top Tent we recommend that you lightly spray the tent with water including the fly. This will allow the thread and the fabric to swell up and seal holes in your tent from the sewing needle.
When the fabric is sewn together the thread that is used is also poly-cotton, and expandable and because it has the ability to absorb liquid, when it does it increases and fills the holes created by the sewing needle.
How much weight can my roof rack hold?
Generally 100-200 lbs. By law you are allowed 165 lbs going down the highway.When you are parked (static weight) it is a different story. Read your owners manual to get exact weight limit. If you need a rack system or more capacity any local Thule, Yakima dealer can provide a solution.
Is my roof strong enough to handle the weight of the tent and occupants?
Sunday Campers roof top tent and car awning are designed to mount simply on your stock rack system or on a couple of Thule, Yakima and other aftermarket crossbars, the same as you would use to carry your bicycles, canoe or kayak.
The rack system transfers the weight to the structural parts of your car's roof. All roof racks carry a dynamic weight rating, to provide guidance on the tested limitations of the rack system when the vehicle is in motion. Most racks carry a maximum 165 pound dynamic rating, which means the rack can support 165 pounds of weight while driving down the road. Roof Top Tents weigh only 108 pounds, so the rack system can easily handle the weight on most vehicles. When you are occupying to tent, this is a "static load", much more gentle and the racks can easily handle this weight. Always check with the manufacturer of your car and of your roof rack to determine the applicable weight limitations as they vary from vehicle to vehicle.
What Does “Weathering Canvas” Mean, And Why Is It Important To Weather My Tent?
When ANY canvas tent is new, the stitched areas of the tent (necessary seams, corners, awnings) are threaded with strong cotton. In order to stitch these areas of the tent a needle penetrates the canvas, threading two or more pieces of canvas together. Before ANY canvas tent will be “water proof” it is imporant to “weather the canvas” by wetting, drying (and repeating this process several times). This weathering causes the stitching to expand, and the miroscopic holes (NORMAL IN ALL CANVAS) to shink in, increasing the water proof properties of the material. We suggest leaving the tent set up in heavy rain, then allowing it to nauturally dry (over a period of days) in your backyard before hitting the road with your new tent. The more you use your tent, the “better” the weathering of the material. While no one wants to get wet while camping – it is NORMAL for a few droplets of water to form at the seams of the tent when it is new. The more “weathed” the canvas – the BETTER its water resistant properties.
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